The Writer’s Blueprint

There are people
that want to be writers
but few are willing to do what it takes

to master the craft
If you’re willing,
what’s the blueprint?
You must be willing
to make an attempt,
to fail,
to learn
You’ll fall at some point,
pause to take on other priorities
or get distracted

If that happens,
just get back on track and try again
Continue with your attempts
until you get it
Continue until you do not
possess self-doubt
Keep getting back up
strive to try again

5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Blueprint

  1. I recently came upon a runner up award I received for an essay I wrote in Grade 5 or 6 about the Red River Valley that’s shared between North Dakota (USA) and Manitoba (Canada), there were quite a few in our class who won awards and we travelled down south to attend the ceremonies…it made me smile as I remembered that first glimpse of the writer within!
    Your words are always a wonderful and timely reminder to keep up the craft, Mark.

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  2. This is some great stuff here Mark. You know I don’t consider myself a ‘writer’ but your advice is applicable to anything we’re attempting to do — “You must be willing to make an attempt, to fail,
    to learn. You’ll fall at some point….” It’s so tempting to give up when we fail, but if we can accept that we’re going to fail sometimes, we can get up, brush ourselves off, and try again. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

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