Special Delivery pic
Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In development at Little Studio Films

Spencer Payne, a young man who had at least 200 jobs in the past year, makes a promise to his grandmother at her deathbed to not get fired from his current place of employment.  On the verge of being terminated, he must simply deliver a package to an escaped convict on the run.

32 year old SPENCER PAYNE has had at least 200 different jobs in the past year alone. If he had it his way, he’d watch TV everyday if it were not for GRANDMA PAYNE, the woman who raised him ever since he was a child.

Upon Grandma Payne’s deathbed, she had Spencer make a solemn promise to stay at his current job for a year and to not piss off OFFICER BRODY.

Problem is he’s on the verge of being fired from his current job. HAYDEN COLURIK, Spencer’s boss, has given Spencer one last chance to redeem himself. The mission…hand deliver a package, just one package, to a particular client at his residence.

Trouble is LENNY PACKARD, a con who just broke out of prison, has broken into the client’s home for refuge from the law.

When Spencer arrives, he mistakes Lenny for the client and Lenny mistakes him for a cop and takes off.

Spencer must keep his promise and his job and the only way to do that is to chase down and deliver the package to the convict Lenny and avoid Officer Brody’s watchful eye.

Special Delivery is a story of humor with a sprinkle of action thrown into the mix. It’s Billy Madison meets Premium Rush. In keeping a promise to his dying grandmother to not get fired from his current job, an immature and lazy man must elude a hardnosed cop who has it in for him while trying to deliver a package to an escaped convict loose in the city.

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