Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In Development at Little Studio Films

Seth Sterling must escape purgatory and journey to earth to search for the child the he never met; in the process, he must team up with a detective and help solve the supernatural murders committed by the devil’s four horsemen of destruction.

While serving time in purgatory, SETH STERLING overhears a conversation between God and GABRIEL, the angel, concerning his son SEAN.

Gabriel must go to earth to find and protect Sean from Lucifer and his Four Horsemen – FAMINE, PESTILENCE, WAR and DEATH. As if this is not enough, Gabriel must also prevent them from causing havoc on earth and stealing human souls.

Seth ambushes Gabriel and takes his place on earth to complete the mission; however, he secretly yearns to know the child he never met.

While on earth, in the guise of a detective, Seth encounters homicide detective AGENHART ELLIS – a veteran cop who uses logic as a rule in life.

Agenhart is pressured, by his superior, to partner up with Seth and to find the answers to all the baffling supernatural murders being committed throughout the city by the Four Horsemen.

In his quest to find his son, Seth forms an unusual bond with the Agenhart; only together can they protect Sean, combat the Four Horsemen, thwart Lucifer’s plans and save the world.

THE DARK RIDERS is the infusion of Prophecy and Legion meeting R.I.P.D. It’s an action thriller with light comedic undertones that will take you on a supernatural journey where an unlikely trio comprised of a pragmatic detective, a dead man from purgatory and a young boy battling the impossible that will ultimately affect the balance of power between Heaven and Hell.

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