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Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In development at Little Studio Films

Royce Parker, a middle-aged career minded man and father of two, who had unfulfilled aspirations of becoming a dancer, must now try to relearn every break-dancing and popping skills of his youth in order to reconnect with his teenage daughter and help her win a competition against her bitter rival.

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ROYCE PARKER, a man in his mid-40’s, was once a talented high school break dancing kid with dreams of grandeur. All that altered when he grew up and became a husband and father of two. The priorities in his life changed and providing for his family became the ultimate goal.

Familial responsibilities dictated Royce into becoming an extreme workaholic; thus causing him to not be there for his children while they were growing up, especially for his eldest…ANNIE, a 16 year old teenager.

With Annie growing up faster than he can blink and becoming more of a stranger than a daughter, Royce feels the pressure of losing that treasured connection to his child.

Under the advice of HAYDEN FROST, mid-40’s and childhood friend, Royce decides to change his routine habits and sets forth a plan of action to become the father he should have been to his two children.

He starts off first with his vibrant and energetic 8 year old son SCOTT. Their love of video games makes it easy for the father and son bond to grow and strengthen. Enjoying the success he had with his son, Royce turns his attention to the one person he regrets not being there for…Annie

Annie’s strong resolve makes any attempt at a father-daughter reconnection futile and forces Royce to devise a whole new strategy to find some sort of common ground with her.

While her father desperately works on his agenda, Annie, with the aid of her friends, continues to hone her dancing skills. Her strong passion and love for the craft has enabled her to display her talents on an upcoming dancing competition against her nemesis.

Upon discovering Annie’s love for dancing, Royce shakes off the rust and attempts to get back into a somewhat decent break dancing form. If you can’t beat them, join them and have something in common that your daughter can relate to.

What Royce doesn’t realize is that his dancing will be instrumental in helping to start the healing process of the strained relationship he has with Annie and aid her in her goal of overcoming her personal obstacles.

When all is said and done, Royce will learn that providing for the betterment and welfare of his family is not the “end all be all” in life but to take the time to be there and share the precious moments with his children as only a father can.

B-BOY DAD is a drama that exudes the flash, excitement, pomp and circumstance, heart and soul of Step Up, Battle of the Year and You Got Served. A father falters at every step in trying to bond with his teenage daughter only to discover that their love of dance is the key to reconnection.

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