The Idol Teaser Poster (1)
Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In development at Little Studio Films

Upon being framed for murder, an action movie star – Matt Sterling – is thrust into an unknown environment and on the run from dangerous elements; with nowhere to turn, help comes in the form of a homeless boy.

MATT STERLING, a famed Hollywood action star in his 30’s, has no regard for those around him and in the process ruins the promising life of stuntman and actor JOE RENO.

Joe, a bitterly determined man in his mid-30’s, watches Matt from afar waiting for the opportunity to exact his ultimate revenge. While Matt’s alone in Nagoya, Japan getting ready to shoot his next film, Joe gets the break he’s longed for and hatches his plan of vengeance.

Joe kills several Yakuza affiliate members, known as the Berserkers, one of the largest badass street gangs in the city and frames Matt for their deaths. News of the murderous rampage soon becomes the top priority fodder for all forms of media.

ARCHANGEL, early 30’s and the ruthless leader of the Berserkers, gets wind of this and orders the capture and death of the famed Hollywood actor.

With his life turned upside down and in turmoil, Matt is forced to blindly go on the run into the unknown streets of Nagoya. With danger of lurking at every turn and being stranded in this totally foreign environment, he barely manages to stay unseen and most importantly alive.

A fortunate event enables Matt to stumble upon the one person who can help him out of this jam…a 10 year old homeless boy living atop a movie theater building and most importantly Matt Sterling’s number one fan – KORY CORMAN.

With Kory’s unbridled admiration of his idol and Matt’s newfound sense of compassion and self-worth, the duo forms an unusual partnership. Matt and Kory, with their unwavering belief in one another, take on the onslaught of the Berserkers and manage to survive.

THE IDOL is an action piece that combines the slam bang thrills of the Last Action Hero with the light hearted comedy of Sidekicks. A fish out of water tale in which a big time action star fends for his life in a land unknown and comes to grip with accepting help from his most devoted fan – a boy, who will ultimately be his savior.

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