Family Honor pic #1Family Honor pic #2
Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In development at Little Studio Films

A couple loses their miracle baby to a senseless mob shooting; in retaliation, they kidnap the killer’s baby and raises him to seek justice against his natural father.

3o years ago, DAN and NICOLE GUNNAR struggled to have a child of their own. Through modern medicine, they were able to have their miracle baby, only to lose him in a senseless mob bombing caused by a mafia soldier named GINO SCARPELLI.

Dan and Nicole soon discover that Gino, now a godfather in the Scarpelli crime family, killed their son. In retaliation, they kidnap Gino’s newborn baby boy and raise him as their own.

Present day…the Scarpelli family is in dire trouble. Gino and his son ANTHONY need to form a partnership with the Yakuza to keep their family alive and their business prosperous. Little do they know that MAX GUNNAR, head of the organized crime task force, is gunning to take them down.

Whether it was coincidence or fate, Gino meets up with Max and makes a startling discovery that he’s in the presence of his stolen first born son. Gino makes it his number one priority to learn more about Max even to the point where he ignores his other son Anthony and the impending problems that the Scarpelli family is facing.

Meanwhile Nicole, Max’s mother, is faced with the prospect of losing her son again to Gino. Out of sheer desperation, she makes it her mission to eliminate the man that has caused her enormous grief in her life.

Through a series of events, the truth is revealed about his parents as well as Gino. Now Max must decide who he should be…a Scarpelli or a Gunnar…a cop or a son.

Family Honor is a action thriller that’s a blend of Law Abiding Citizen, The Tortured and Man On Fire. A young couple’s life is utterly decimated when their only child is a victim of collateral damage from a vicious mob hit. Obsessed with the ultimate revenge, the couple mastermind a kidnapping plot of their child’s killer’s newborn baby and raise it as their own.

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