VIDEO 1403

Screenplay by Mark Kaneshige – In development at Little Studio Films

While trying to spy on the woman of his dreams, college student Jordan Taylor accidentally films a mob hit; with his back to the wall, he enlists the skills and talents of his athlete friends.

College student, JORDAN TAYLOR, doesn’t take his film classes too seriously; he’d rather get to know his new tenant and girl of his dreams, JENNIFER GAMBINO, who lives one floor below in unit 1403.

While spying on Jennifer with his camcorder, he accidently records the murder of mob informant BOBBY GAMBINO, father of Jennifer, who was supposed to testify against the ruthless GARABALDI family.

Having been caught on tape, RICCO GARABALDI must take immediate action to eliminate this irritating problem. He employs several government agents and hitman THE SOLUTION(aka MARK HUNTER), who has a reputation for always getting his mark, to do his bidding.

Dazed and confused from all the danger around him, Jordan meets up with Jennifer and together they go on the run to stay alive. The couple manages to elude the henchmen at every turn thus increasing Ricco’s frustration and anger.

An unfortunate circumstance lands Jennifer into the hands of The Solution and Ricco, and Jordan must quickly find a way to rescue her. With the tape as his only leverage, he desperately makes an arrangement with Ricco for an exchange.

The government agents along with The Solution are sent to resolve the situation. Unbeknownst to them, Ricco contracts KILROY, another lethal assassin, to eliminate all of the players involved in this unwanted situation.

With time running out and his back against the wall, Jordan enlists the skills and talents of his athlete friends MATT (the football player), ROGER (the baseball player), and CARL (the track and field person) to help him take down the Garabaldi family.

Video 1403 is an action thriller that’s a blend of Disturbia and One Hour Photo. A college student, obsessed with a beautiful tenant, occupies every spare minute spying on her. But one night he witnesses what appears to be a mob hit in her apartment. To uncover the truth he must enlist the skill set of his friends to avoid the mafia and to bring the killer to justice.

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