Finding Your True Purpose

“Life offers us
many opportunities
some dare us
to be great,
some help us
to reach our dreams,
while others
enable us
to live to our heart’s content
Regardless of what path
opens up…
take a chance,
seek the unknown,
bring clarity
to your true purpose
find out who you truly are
and be the best
version of yourself
Share it with everyone
make a mark in this world.”


A Birthday Poem


As I sit here pondering what to write, I reflected for a moment on my life.  I saw my daughter’s baby picture situated on a shelf off to the left of my computer.  I soon realized that my little girl will turn 17 this year…in a few more years, she’ll be 21 years old.  Geez, where’d all that time go?!

I wondered what would I say to her once she gets to that age.  A poem came to mind, so I figured I’d write a poem for my daughter’s future self.  This is what I came up with:

“Happy Birthday Chloe

you’re finally 21,

You’re at that age

where you can enjoy illegal adult fun

Remember when you were young

when you dressed up and pretended to be old

To be a full-grown woman

was to be daring and bold

As time passed on, 

you played the game of life

The need to be an  adult woman

was joined by the desire to be a wife

You’re finally a woman,

with many birthdays gone by

The youthfulness is still in you

as the clouds are in the sky

Age doesn’t matter

so don’t let it bother you

Just be yourself and in the end

to your heart you will be true

Be cheerful, be happy

you’re now 21,

Happy Birthday Chloe

and many more to come.”



A Special Day


The day was all fraught

with stress and strife

My nerves were all bent

from the chaos of life

Thought I could handle it

but alas it was a mess

My mind stripped clean

optimism started to regress

 Getting through the day

would be most difficult to do

The wanton need for some air

near a place with a view

 So I stepped outside quickly

became akin to nature’s palette

Weight of the world lifted

introspection reset

The bright sunshine rays

the soft, silent wind

Thoughts of your warm morning embrace

stirred feelings from within

 Your unabashed, beaming smile

your gentle, loving eyes

A tingling sensation

came to my surprise

 The hours till we meet again

though they seem so far away

Thinking of you…my love

made this a special day.

A Piece Of My Wish

A piece of my heart

is all I could give

when we were alone

For you belonged to another

you were never mine to own

My love for you 

never fully shared

Just a piece of my heart

to show that I cared

If I could’ve opened my heart

I would’ve given you so much

But the key to your love

was never mine to touch

A piece of my wish

is my only gift to you whenever we’re apart

May your love live forever

may happiness be in your heart.wish1



A Lesson From A Bird


Wake up with a smile

it’ll brighten your day, 

the more bigger the smile

the happier you’ll stay

This little phrase

is something I would normally tell

but early one morning

a new thought rang a bell

I woke up one day

with the early morning light

and saw a little bird singing –

it was a most beautiful sight

This bird outside my window

was most happy and carefree,

it whistled and it chirped

as loud as can be

This little bird

gave a new meaning to my life –

“Let happiness rule your day

not your worries, not your strife”

As I continued to watch,

the bird left without a trace

leaving me with a memory

and a message in its place

So I ventured into the day

with a smile and good cheer

reassuring myself

that the bird of happiness is near

I did my best throughout the day

to spread happiness around,

this new trait of the little bird

in me now is found.

The Countdown


The holiday season is well underway and a lot of kids are eagerly counting down the days till Christmas.  That age of innocence is clearly apparent and I often reminisce about my own experience.  But alas, we all get older and sometimes our focus tends to gravitate toward age appropriate matters.

My kids, who are now young teenagers, reminded me of this.  Yes, of course, they still look forward to Christmas but the enthusiasm is not as vibrant as it was when they were in their single digit age.

The main thing that concerns them the most is when does Christmas vacation start and how long it will be.  They can’t wait to take a break from all that studying and let loose…or for others, just chill and do nothing.  Granted, we all hated going to school and valued those precious times away from academia.

I recalled the time when I was their exact age and fully  remembered what I was doing leading up to the start of winter recess.  Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds;  time ironically moves extremely slow when we’re young and somehow speeds up the older we get.  Go figure that.a8

As I was thinking about this, a short poem came to mind that kind of summed up how I felt at my children’s age and I’d like to share it.

Here I am at school today

feeling down and oh so blue

I dream of being hard at play

in the hopes it will come true

Running, skating, playing ball

is what I’d like to do

but here I am thinking – that’s all

just stuck here right at school

To dream, to dream, only to dream

waiting for school to end soon

“My God! My watch! Oh gads I’ll scream!

I can’t believe it’s only noon!!!”