Meant To Be

Don’t try to rush or force things
Your words need to flow freely
one word at a time
The words you choose
from your inner voice
are fulfilling a destiny
that was preordained
for you to share them
to the world
at the right time

5 thoughts on “Meant To Be

  1. The “don’t try to rush or force things” lesson is one I’ve had to learn over the years Mark. That’s been especially true of this blogging thing.😊 I’ve learned to just walk away for awhile if I get stuck — which I do often. The only problem is that I end up not publishing anything for awhile because I just couldn’t get words onto paper (or computer). 😳

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    • I know what you mean Terri, sometimes words don’t flow as freely as when we’re inspired but I think all of us as writers encounter that. As long as you end up writing, regardless if it’s the next day or next month, at least you eventually put pen to paper so to speak.

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  2. I was struggling at my local coffee shop yesterday trying to find the right flow as I began a new post and finally had to let it be, the roots are there and hopefully they’ll grow stronger – your words have landed for me today, Mark!

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