An Opportunity To Shine

Everyone hopes to get an opportunity
once in their life
to go for their dreams
Very few succeed
They’re the lucky ones
that got a once in a lifetime opportunity
to give it their all
Then there are those
that never get that opportunity,
for that chance to shine,
to display their talents and abilities

They’re the ones
that persevere and fight everyday
to strive to make sure
they are not denied that chance
to have that one special moment
where they can showcase
all that they are
in hopes of making
their dreams a reality

5 thoughts on “An Opportunity To Shine

  1. I see so many people trying their best to succeed in life, myself and my husband included. Sometimes it does feel like everyday is a struggle, and we keep waiting for that grand opportunity to happen.

    Other days, most days actually, we try to make the most out of the little things or smaller opportunities hoping it will one day reward our efforts with success.


    • As long as you keep trying, that’s the main point. You can never tell when your time to shine can happen, you just have to be ready. I like the fact that you mentioned that you make the most out of the little opportunities hoping it will lead to something bigger.

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