Just Keep It Moving

When you are faced
with unforeseen problems,
just keep it moving
When you are tasked
with a ton of things,
just keep it moving
When insurmountable obstacles
appear before you,
just keep it moving
When there is darkness and gloom
surrounding you,
just keep it moving
The only way is through
Going forward will keep you focused,
your resilience will strengthen,
positivity will flow everlasting
the light will eventually appear
if you,
just keep it moving

3 thoughts on “Just Keep It Moving

  1. I love this Mark! I just moved my blog to self-hosted, and it has been quite the experience. There were times that I actually considered giving up on it, but as you said, it was so important to just “keep it moving.” Thanks for the words of wisdom my friend!


      • Thank you so much Mark! Just in case you’re interested, my posts still show up on WordPress, but I lost all my previous WP followers, so if you still want to see my posts, you’ll probably have to search for Reclaiming Hope and follow again. Happily, I still see everyone’s posts in my Reader that I was seeing before so it’ll be easy for me to keep up with you and my other blogger friends. 😊


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