Mid-Life Reflections #8

With my son graduating 8th grade yesterday and my daughter set to graduate from high school this Saturday, I look back with fond memories of them when they were just mere babies to who they are now and what they are becoming.  I am literally amazed at what they can do and what they can accomplish.  Granted my wife and I gave them the tools to navigate their way through life but they managed perfectly using their own sense and sensibilities.  Everything that they’ve achieved so far was due to their unique personality and innate traits; their exterior demeanor belies their true potential.  It is because of this that I cherish being a parent.  My children’s vim and vigor, no holds barred quest to grab a hold of what the world has to offer and run with it, is truly inspiring.  It keeps me on my toes, anxiously waiting to see what unfolds for them and how they’ll astound us.  Reflecting on my children’s journey into adulthood overwhelms me with pride and joy and is one of life’s gifts that I am truly honored to accept.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Life Reflections #8

  1. I’m so happy for you because I know exactly how that feels. My daughters have both graduated college (still can’t believe time flew that fast!) and I felt, and still feel the same. It’s exciting to see where each new step takes them. It’s an awesome thing as a parent to watch our children learn and grow and become independent. Congratulations to all of you!


  2. Congratulations, Mark! Graduations are such huge milestones. My daughters will be graduating from 8th grade in a couple of weeks. I am excited for the next chapter in their journey yet feel a little sad at the same time.

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