Ask Yourself The Right Question

If you ever wondered,
is it better to live
second by second,
minute by minute,
hour by hour,
day by day,
month to month
or year to year
then you’re asking yourself
the wrong question
Just living is precious in itself
So spend your time wisely
creating memories
that’ll last a lifetime.

How We Should Live

You are the sum of your memories

so make every hour,

every minute,

every second

of your life


Love like there’s no tomorrow,

laugh till you’re blue in the face,

sing like you’re a famous rockstar,

smile brighter than the sun,

play till your body aches

Savor every moment

Be free

and live to your heart’s content

and know that

you’ve truly experienced

what life is all about.

Midlife Reflections #8


Time heals all wounds” they say but a lot of us cling to the past which makes it quite difficult to move forward in life.  Memories of the past is like a double edged sword.  Many of the experiences we hold so dearly are often ones of joy, love or laughter that was shared with family, friends and loved ones which can never be replicated.  Others are of fractured memories that bring sadness, pain and loss that we try so hard to forget but to no avail.  Often times when we’re in a different setting, we encounter a similar situation or experience and expect it to follow what had happened in the past.  When it doesn’t live up to the hype, to our expectations, the end feelings leave us disappointed, discouraged and depressed.  Or when it brings about the same feelings of sorrow it just fuels our doomed outlook on life.

It’s truly hard to move past these things and I for one can admit that I find it challenging to do so.  But everything that we experience makes us into who we are and really does help us to become stronger.  Time really doesn’t fix things, it just add more to our already full plate and lessens the degree of our greatest or most horrible past memory.  It really just finds a way of taking us out of our comfort zone and pushing us beyond our limits.  Whether we bend or break is all up to us.  I for one take it by its horn and wrestle it aside.

So if you find it hard to find happiness in life or just trying to make it day by day, take solace in knowing that you’re not alone.   We’re all grinding it out the best way we can.  There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for all of us, it’s out there waiting for us to discover it.  If things are not going your way or your ready to throw in the towel, take stock in where you are right now in life.  You’ve made it this far, just think how much further you can go.  It hard to stay positive but if you just have a tiny spark, it’s all you need to start that fire in you to go out and take action!

Mid-Life Reflections #8

With my son graduating 8th grade yesterday and my daughter set to graduate from high school this Saturday, I look back with fond memories of them when they were just mere babies to who they are now and what they are becoming.  I am literally amazed at what they can do and what they can accomplish.  Granted my wife and I gave them the tools to navigate their way through life but they managed perfectly using their own sense and sensibilities.  Everything that they’ve achieved so far was due to their unique personality and innate traits; their exterior demeanor belies their true potential.  It is because of this that I cherish being a parent.  My children’s vim and vigor, no holds barred quest to grab a hold of what the world has to offer and run with it, is truly inspiring.  It keeps me on my toes, anxiously waiting to see what unfolds for them and how they’ll astound us.  Reflecting on my children’s journey into adulthood overwhelms me with pride and joy and is one of life’s gifts that I am truly honored to accept.

To Live Another Day


As I sit here in front of my computer

pondering life

and all its wondrous possibilities,

I can’t help but reminisce

about precious memories

shared with



and loved ones

To have such treasured moments

is truly priceless

Knowing that a point in time

created feelings of

unbridled love,

pure joy

and non-stop laughter,

puts a smile on my face

To go through something that can’t

be recreated

is magical

But knowing that

the future presents opportunities

to experience similar feelings again

is what makes me

live for another day.

Writing Haikus


Writing is a gift

That’s given to few, so share

Let your voice be heard


Creating stories

Inspiring today’s children

To always dream big


Writing sets us free

Imagination unchained

Unknown worlds are born


Writing shows our heart

Passion reveals our true self

Our love knows no bounds


Words are our allies

Strings together emotions

Stirs up memories

My Perfect Day


We’ve all heard the phrase “That team played a perfect game”, “He/she got a perfect score on the test”, “That was the perfect date”, “He was a perfect gentleman” or “That was a perfect day.”

That word “perfect” obviously meant flawless, without fail.  Things went so smoothly that the stars aligned and there wasn’t an ounce of disruption in your particular quest.

For some odd reason that word came to my mind this past week and I tried to fathom what I did in my life that was so “perfect.”

Yes, I’ve had a perfect score on an exam before so that was easy to relate to but as for the rest, I had a hard time trying to comprehend what that really meant.  I figured I’d sleep on it and try to tackle that the next day.

The next day arrived; there were no plans or errands to do so it was pretty much a chill day.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…I sluggishly turned off the blaring alarm clock and rubbed my tired eyes awake.  I looked to my left and saw my wife, Iris, of 20 years still asleep; she was always a deep sleeper.

I gazed at her for a moment and a flood of memories washed over me.  It was like a video album showcasing all of the good and  bad times; I smirked at how we ended up together and miraculously endured all of this.

Just then, our 3 year old dog “Chibi” started to lick my face as if to say “Good Morning, time for my morning walk now” or it just could have meant “Are you awake now?  Good, let’s go play!”  Chibi then turned her attention to my wife and did what the alarm clock could not do.

We got out of bed and did our normal routine.  Soon after my son, Conor, woke up somberly said good morning and immediately turned on the TV as he plopped on the couch.  Soon after my daughter, Chloe, awoke and joined Conor on the couch.

They weren’t their boisterous selves, more like morning zombies adjusting to the daylight and getting their bones, muscles and joints acclimated to the new day.

As the day wore on, our house started to liven up to its usual self.  There would be times where I saw Chloe and Conor laughing about something, joking with Iris or playing with Chibi.

Throughout the day, we all would be interacting with each other in some fashion.  As the day turned to night, we continued doing our little things to keep us occupied, all the while still connecting with one another.

The day came to an end and we all prepped for the next day of work and school.  As we said our goodnights, I laid there in the dark and mulled over what took place throughout the day.

It was just a simple ordinary day of really doing nothing and just relaxing with the family.  We laughed, joked and did inconsequential things but enjoyed every minute of it unbeknownst to us all.

I replayed the entire day in my mind’s eye and took stock of how beautiful that was. My sense of appreciation was immeasurable.  Nothing went wrong, there were no major disruptions…I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  It was simply “perfect”; it was “My perfect day.”