Our True Human Nature

With renewed eyes,
I venture out into
this changed world that’s
filled with unlimited chaos
and relentless despair
in hopes of finding
some semblance
of humanity
In my heart of hearts,
I know that each one of us
possess the
goodness, compassion,
kindness, generosity,
bravery and love
needed to bring forth
positivity into this world
If we can each
unselfishly share
a piece of that
then the world will be able
to realign itself
and we will be able to
shift focus
onto what the true nature is
in being a human

4 thoughts on “Our True Human Nature

  1. This is just heart wrenching, Mark, especially in light of the events of the last few weeks. Like you, I believe we are capable of so much better – “goodness, compassion,
    kindness, generosity, bravery and love.” So many of those wonderful attributes seem to have been overshadowed by other things, but as you said, if we would share even a little piece of these things, we as a society, could regain our humanity. Thank you for always giving me things to think about.

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