Mid-Life Reflections #13

It’s been awhile since I stopped and took time to reflect on the things happening in my life. Since this COVID-19 chaos, everything has been up in the air and all my daily routines have been thrown out of whack. But my optimistic trait has me seeing a positive side to all of this. Having this pandemic happen has given me the opportunity to actually stop my life and take into account all the good things that are around me. I am fortunate to be a lot closer with my family, both in proximity and in relationships. I value life more, regardless of all the obstacles that are in my way. I’m appreciative of being able to stop and take notice of nature and how it continues to progress regardless of what goes on in my life. And most of all, I’m just happy to be here in this moment, knowing that I have had good memories despite all of the negative aspects associated with this virus. This will pass because there cannot be darkness without light. So I continue to have hope and treasure every breath I take.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Life Reflections #13

  1. Thank you for letting us know how you’re doing in the midst of all this, Mark! Your words, there cannot be darkness without light, are words that are echoed throughout the many beautiful blogs I wander through and each time I read them, I feel hopeful and a little lighter.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re able to look for and find the positives in all this Mark. I think many of us have had some unexpected little ‘diamonds’ come out of this unprecedented time in our lives. We get so busy and feel we have to do so much these days – if nothing else, it has helped us all slow down. I’m glad you’re doing well and have found so many positives over these last few months.

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