To Be In Love Again

To be in love again
that’s where I want to be
Having that feeling once more
is most precious to me
For that was a sensation
I thought would never end
But now that it’s gone
my heart’s all broken
To be in love again
is a dream far from me
I need to feel it once more
to end all my misery
Feeling lost and so afraid
of what might not be
My heart’s all alone
lost sight of its beauty
Will you be the one
to set my heart straight?
Will our hearts intertwine?
Will love be our fate?
This passion I longed for,
will it hopefully come from you?
Love can be ours,
our hearts can become anew
Can you please help me
find my way back to love?
Help set my life right
to my heart be a part of
Please open your heart
and save a place there for me
I need to find my way back home
to experience love carefree.

6 thoughts on “To Be In Love Again

  1. As I wander through WordPress this morning, I’m feeling all kinds of love as the world walks through an ever-changing landscape. Love will see us through and hopefully, allow space for all of us “to fall in love again” with life and each other.
    How are things on your beautiful Island, Mark? Here in Vancouver, B.C. we are grappling with long line-ups at the grocery/drug stores, empty shelves and panic buying! Our city is rapidly cancelling events and large gatherings…the sky is a gorgeous blue, I’m sipping on a lemon/ginger tea and hoping for the best.

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