To Be In Love Again

To be in love again
that’s where I want to be
Having that feeling once more
is most precious to me
For that was a sensation
I thought would never end
But now that it’s gone
my heart’s all broken
To be in love again
is a dream far from me
I need to feel it once more
to end all my misery
Feeling lost and so afraid
of what might not be
My heart’s all alone
lost sight of its beauty
Will you be the one
to set my heart straight?
Will our hearts intertwine?
Will love be our fate?
This passion I longed for,
will it hopefully come from you?
Love can be ours,
our hearts can become anew
Can you please help me
find my way back to love?
Help set my life right
to my heart be a part of
Please open your heart
and save a place there for me
I need to find my way back home
to experience love carefree.

My Voice…

My voice…

falls silent in the wind,

since you’re not around

My life went off track

will my heart

be the one to bring me down

Oh why…

why do I feel this way

when my heart had you to love


We had the chance,

the chance to make it right

But the love you had

was never meant for me

so I sit here,


all the things I want to say

But alas…

my voice falls silent in the wind.


A Special Day


The day was all fraught

with stress and strife

My nerves were all bent

from the chaos of life

Thought I could handle it

but alas it was a mess

My mind stripped clean

optimism started to regress

 Getting through the day

would be most difficult to do

The wanton need for some air

near a place with a view

 So I stepped outside quickly

became akin to nature’s palette

Weight of the world lifted

introspection reset

The bright sunshine rays

the soft, silent wind

Thoughts of your warm morning embrace

stirred feelings from within

 Your unabashed, beaming smile

your gentle, loving eyes

A tingling sensation

came to my surprise

 The hours till we meet again

though they seem so far away

Thinking of you…my love

made this a special day.

Promise Me Silence


Don’t tell me that you don’t love me,

don’t give me a heart that’s not true

Just promise me you’ll say nothing,

that’s all I ask of you

Promise me silence…

if you don’t really care

Promise me silence..

if your heart’s not willing to share

If you can’t tell me you love me,

then don’t say a thing

I’d rather have your silence

if that’s all you can give

Just promise your silence…

if I can’t have your heart.


A Piece Of My Wish

A piece of my heart

is all I could give

when we were alone

For you belonged to another

you were never mine to own

My love for you 

never fully shared

Just a piece of my heart

to show that I cared

If I could’ve opened my heart

I would’ve given you so much

But the key to your love

was never mine to touch

A piece of my wish

is my only gift to you whenever we’re apart

May your love live forever

may happiness be in your heart.wish1