Promise Me Silence


Don’t tell me that you don’t love me,

don’t give me a heart that’s not true

Just promise me you’ll say nothing,

that’s all I ask of you

Promise me silence…

if you don’t really care

Promise me silence..

if your heart’s not willing to share

If you can’t tell me you love me,

then don’t say a thing

I’d rather have your silence

if that’s all you can give

Just promise your silence…

if I can’t have your heart.


2 thoughts on “Promise Me Silence

    • Hey Sonya…you’re sooo right. Silence is really hard for me to handle too. Was just reflecting back when I had my heart broken a million times and hearing the words “We can still be friends.” I just hated hearing that and wished nothing was said to me at all. Thanks for your great insight!


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