In A Perfect State

For us as writers,
when we write,
we are in our purest form
Our focus is unwavering
Our emotions are aligned with our hearts
our words exude a distinct melodic tone
designed to fill
a specific void
in each individual reader’s soul

7 thoughts on “In A Perfect State

  1. This is beautiful Mark! I think it brilliantly explains the difference between people who are truly writers (like you) and people who are sharers (like me). What you describe here perfectly describes me when I’m gardening or doing my craft projects, but not so much writing. I really only write to share (hopefully helpful) information. I think the world can use both! šŸ˜Š

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  2. I love the flow and finding just the right/write word to convey the beauty around me or share a sorrow, I’ve been known to write on a table napkin or find myself in the flow on a forest trail looking for a picnic table or log to sit on to jot down my thoughts! Your words have brought back some good writing memories, Mark. Bravo!


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