Midlife Reflections #2


I look back on my life and take stock in what I’ve done and who I’ve become.  The one thing that I take most pride in is my ability to be a good listener.


I’ve always felt that if a person takes the time to tell you something of importance, then you should respect that and give your undivided attention to what he/she has to say.  I try to listen without judgement and really hear the other person’s words.



Too many times we’ve had and “A & B” conversation with someone but somehow ended up with “B” starting another conversation with “C & D” who just happened to pass by.  At that point, you kind of feel irrelevant and try to uncomfortably slink away without being noticed.

In my case, I stay there like a complete doofus because of some sort of self-responsibility to finish what was started.  AND when “B” returns back to the original conversation, the whole vibe is gone.

In my mind’s eye, I felt as if I was not important enough to hold your attention when I was unloading my feelings, advice and thoughts.

It is for that reason, in any conversation, that I look the other person in the eye and soak in what they’re telling me even if an outside party acknowledges me.  My focus on the person is steadfast.  This art of listening is something that I’m trying to instill in my children.


As the days and months go by, life seems to tick away as if it were mere seconds on a clock.  Time is precious.  So when someone needs to talk to you, be there for them…and listen as if they’re the only person left on this planet.



5 thoughts on “Midlife Reflections #2

  1. The ability to listen to others- really listen- is truly a gift. Too often, people are so focused on either themselves or on everything going on around them that they don’t take a minute to stop what they are doing and just listen to another human being’ s thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams…

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    • At the beginning I was more focused on myself but as I grew older and chose to be a writer, I’ve learned that listening, really listening to another person helps to better understand myself and also inspires topics for me to write on. Thanks Angelica.

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