To Find True Love

There were many times I wished and dreamed

while lying in my bed

of a girl so beautiful, so perfect

like in the books I so often read

I’ve tried and tried

I’ve looked so hard

to find a girl for me

but many times when I’ve tried too hard

I wound up in misery

Till one fine day you came along

you woke me from my dream

you answered all my wishes

made my cold heart turn to cream

Your pretty face, your caring smile

your soft and gently way

you’ve filled a space within my heart

gave hope for a brighter day

On this special day, I give to you

love, support and care

qualities you graciously gave

the traits we now commonly share

I’ve never experienced such happiness

from a girl with a heart so true

to the only girl who stole my heart

My dearest – I Love You!

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