A renewed sense of hope.


It’s that time of year when people start making resolutions for the new year.  Some will follow through, some will meet half their expectations and the rest will just brush it off.

As for myself, I always seem to get rejuvenated; that inner optimistic side emerges and gives me that feeling of what can happen.  All the things that didn’t go my way or the bad stuff that occurred in the previous year can finally be forgotten.  The slate is wiped clean  and I’m able to start over to accomplish the impossible.  My dreams are just a stone’s throw away, that better job is just within reach or that chance where my spirits can be raised once again .

I know that I’m not alone in feeling this.  There’s a select group of people out there known as the “eternal optimists”; you know who you are.  Despite all the odds, you find a glimmer of hope that drives you to carry on.

This is how I feel every time around this year.  I feel that I’m given a second chance to pursue what I could not in the previous year.  All the mistakes and wrong turns helped to better my understanding of how I should maneuver myself onto the right path.

Having this new sense of confidence helps to strengthen my resolves; I am empowered once again to know that life is still worth living.

New Year’s resolutions can help to motivate one’s self into self-improvement and happiness, drive them to reach their personal goals.  I, on the other hand, feel that ringing in the new year gives us a renewed sense of hope; to achieve anything and everything.  To dream big and see it come true.  So here’s to a new year where the sky’s the limit!

The only part that I dread for the new year is:


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