“Leap!” before you look.

In this day and age we all tend to be cautious; we’re hesitant on trying new things, splurging on the stuff we want or letting loose and being silly. Let’s face it, most of us “play it safe” and that’s okay, but I’ve learned that sometimes you just gotta take a “leap” of faith and dive into the unknown. The phrase “Look before you leap” was stricken from my somnolent memory, that was in auto-cruise mode driving down the freeway of life, and replaced with “Take a leap of faith, who cares what happens.” Etching this new motto into my subconscious was extremely liberating; I soon realized that the results could yield unseen rewards or terrible outcomes but that’s the dice I roll. Being content was not a way of living for me, it felt like I was dying inside. There’s too much out there that’s yet to be explored and the only way I could become alive again was to jump into that mysterious abyss and see where I end up. I was reluctant to make this move but my inner gut was the driving force that helped me go forward. I liked the fact that the steps that I’ve taken this year to better my life, my career and my family is out of my hands. Placing my trust in God and seeing where He takes me is truly invigorating and quite frankly scary as hell (no pun intended). So far there’s been a snowball of activity occurring when I least expected it; and it’s all positive. Now hopefully the rewards will produce the desired outcome. Life’s just way too short and full of unpredictability; I took a chance, will you?

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