Traits unfulfilled…finally achieved!

When I hear stories of parents living vicariously through their children, I chuckle inside and a big smirk appears on my face. I do this because I know that for some reason, whether it be circumstance or choice, that those parents did not have enough time in their younger lives to attain their desired dreams. As a parent, I’ve learned that what we don’t accomplish in our lives, our children will be able to do so…how do I know? Here’s my crazy theory that’ll explain everything.

We all grow up in life wanting or desiring something so bad that we dream about it everyday…for example like being a rock star, a famous actor or professional athlete. But like most cases, we’re all unable to satisfy that goal. When that happens, that unfulfilled trait (I’ll call it UFT) gets coded into our DNA and stays there laying in dormant. The longer that UFT stays in our system, the more complex and stronger it gets; it almost becomes like a “super gene.” For those that have children, this “super gene” gets passed onto them; as they get older they tend to gravitate on a path towards that dream that we were deprived of.

Now if you only have one child, then it’s a crap shoot because your child has 2 “super genes”; one that is yours and the other your spouse’s. The more children you have, the better chances of your dream being achieved. Your child will have all the strengths and characteristics needed to be one step closer or even lucky enough to grab that brass ring we so desired. If they don’t satisfy that goal, then that UFT stays dormant within them and gets passed onto their children. By this time, that UFT becomes a “magnificent gene” and their children will finally be what we so desired. So take heart, I know that we live our dreams vicariously through our children, but if it doesn’t happen…eat right, exercise daily, visit the doctor regularly so that we can live long enough to live vicariously through our grandchildren.

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