When life hands you lemons…make chocolate cake & make them wonder.

Ever had one of those days when you just say “Why me?!”  or “When will something good ever happen to me?“.  It always seems that some people have all the luck and things just fall perfectly into place for them. They put up no effort and it easily falls into their lap while the rest of us claw our way through the muck just to get a sample of what it could be like if we were blessed with good fortune.  Yes I’ll break down every once in awhile and have a “pity party” all to myself; I’m entitled to one.  Life’s unfair, I get that…but does it have to always be the case for the things that I dream of or for things that I truly want.  Working tirelessly with grim determination toward my dreams can be a reward unto itself…at least I have a dream.  Some people go through life content with what they have and where they are, that’s fine.  But don’t you think that striving for something, heck anything, makes life worth living for. Maybe all of my trials and tribulations will make me appreciate everything when I do achieve my dream.  Yes, I did say “When I do achieve my dream“; that was no mistake.  I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to my dream; you have to be otherwise what’s the point.  So I guess when my life starts to go sideways and veer onto that rough terrain; I just need to “cowboy up” and go along for the ride.  Like that saying goes, “When life hands you lemons, make chocolate cake and keep them wondering!”

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