My daily horoscope said what?!

Normally I don’t take stock in what my daily horoscope has to say.  Usually it’s just a footnote when I peruse the internet, but lately for some reason that is the first thing on my daily agenda.  Be it coincidence or divine intervention, I’m hoping it’s the latter, those words hold meaning.  On March 2nd, 2015, there was nothing interesting on the internet…yep, nothing earth-shattering…so I decided to take a glance at what my horoscope had to say.  I click on Capricorn and the advice that was given pertained to what was going on in my life.  I chalked it up to mere coincidence and explored my usual sites.  The next day, I checked out my horoscope again and the words once again reflected true to nature, “Nah” I thought just pure dumb luck.  The following day my eyes shot past important things and straight to…yep, my daily horoscope.  The advice for that day once again pertain to all the goings on in my life; I looked over my shoulder just to make sure that I wasn’t being punk’d by Rod Serling.  Since then, my daily horoscope is the first and foremost thing that I have to check out first thing in the morning.  As of this writing, as zany as it may sound for some strange reason…no scratch that…some divine intervention, my daily horoscope reflects what is currently happening in my life.  Something inside me doesn’t want this to end because it’s as if I have my own private therapist guiding me on my life’s journey.  But like all journeys, this’ll come to an end and I’ll go back to being cynical about horoscopes;  until that happens, I’m just going to enjoy the ride and hope that what my horoscope says comes true in the upcoming weeks.

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