The Reason


All my life, I’ve lived so alone

searched and failed each time,

so many hearts drifting alone

not one to call my own

The feeling of love was all but a dream

seen in the eyes of others,

hearts that will share, eyes that show care

as only between two lovers

Since you walked into my life

my faith has grown so strong

my view of love is much clearer now

with you is where I belong

You’re the reason how my life is lived

and this I know is true

There can only be one love for me

cause love was found in you

You taught me things in life

and I have learned to give –

to loneliness I bid sweet adieu

The love that has filled me body and soul

is all because of you

You’re the reason – my heart I give

my love’s now alive and free

For you are my one and only love,

you are the one just for me.

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