Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Normally the phrase “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” means escaping a bad situation and ending up in an even worse situation but in the past several weeks this phrase is more associated with our current weather here in the islands.  It’s been the worst weather ever since I’ve been alive.  You jump in the shower to rinse off the stickiness but a few minutes later, you’re hot and sticky all over again.  Just trying to combat this heat has been a physical and intellectual battle and mother nature has been winning.  The main question is how to stay cool and comfortable without the advantage of having an air conditioner in your humble abode.  (Damn you board of directors for not allowing us to have A/C’s within our units and curse you El Nino weather system.) Your mind’s going into overdrive and put on your best Einstein face just trying to figure out how to beat the heat.  In an attempt to be creative, sweat pours out of every orifice and you succumb to your basic escape plan…jump in the shower for a cold rinse.  Staying in the shower until the weather changes for the better is simply out of the question.  Stripping down to your underwear and constantly drinking water helps; even placing ice packs on your body and lying in front of a fan also beats the heat. But alas nothing lasts forever and you’re back to feeling hot and sticky.  Yes it royally sucks but what can you do; guess I’ll go jump in the shower for my 20th rinse and feel cool for a couple of minutes.

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