TV viewing…24/7…365 a year

It’s so strange that TV viewing is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 a year. Basically it’s the norm of our society.  If we don’t like something we see, a simple click of the remote control helps us to peruse the several hundreds of channels our cable company or satellite dish has to offer.  Who would’ve thought that technology advanced to the point where we can watch TV at all hours of the day.  I often contemplate what would have been if this was available to us forty years ago.  If I grew up with this type of TV viewing would I still be the same person as I am now?  And if this was available way back when, just think how much more advanced TV viewing would be at the present.  Completely mind-boggling.  I’m glad at the fact that I grew up at a time when there were only three channels to watch on a black and white TV screen that had sign on and sign off times.  It made me appreciate what I have now and the experience of seeing the evolution of TV is priceless.  I try to explain this to my children but the concept of even a black and white TV has their mouth agape with a dumbfounded stare to boot.  I like how TV viewing is progressing and can’t wait to see what the next thirty to forty years will produce.  Now if we can just get a flying car produced during my lifetime, I’ll be most happy.

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