The grass is always greener…

Growing up I always heard the phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side” and as a young kid I took that literally.  As I got older I started to understand it more and more.  Yes there were times when I was envious of others and felt their life was more charmed than mine but in the end I was content with where my life had ended up.  I always believed that my life was preordained and that I should just shut up and go along for the ride.  As I got older and wiser, if I can say that, I started to realize how some people are just plain lucky.  Everything seems to fall in place for them without every trying while I bust my ass fighting and clawing for everything that I have.  On one hand, it makes me appreciated all that I’ve worked for but on the other hand I’m still envious of the other guy that had things fall in their lap.  We all know someone “lucky” like that; that one friend that can quit a job and get another one, a better one the next day.  Or a family member that is showered with praise or more birthday gifts than you.  Or someone that gets in that faster grocery line because you thought yours would move along quicker and opted not to go in that other line.  I know life’s unfair but does it have to always be like that.  I got two bad news in one week, TWO and that just plain outright SUCKS!  There’s that phrase “Every dog has his day” but so far I’ve yet to see that reflected in my life.  My life’s not “great” but it’s still good.  Do I wish it was better?  HELL YES!  It’s hard to ignore the fortune of others and appreciate what I have, I’m only human.  But once, just once I wish the cards were stacked in my favor.  I’ve been busting my ass and have yet to reap its fortune.  Who am I to feel so entitled is what most would say, but just this once I’d like to be selfish and I deserve it.

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