Feeling 19th Century in a 21st Century world

Is it just me or do you need an I.Q. of 150 or above to do things in the world we live in?  I tell you, with the latest phones, TV’s, computer devices, you have to be a freakin’ whiz to just be able to operate them.  It takes me a good week and a half to be able to properly become proficient on these tech things.  I’m even trying to get a handle on creating a functional blog site.  So much information overload, just so damn overwhelming.  How do these young kids do it?  I know it’s the norm for them but REALLY!?  Just trying to catch up to these kids is a chore in itself.  They soak up this world and everything it has to offer faster than the speed of light and instantly become an expert.  If they were somehow transplanted back in the 19th Century, they’d probably be geniuses.  Can’t complain though, I’m improving my knowledge and with a little luck I can hopefully someday feel like I actually belong in the 21st Century.

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