Mark’s Writing Motto #29

There are times in a writer’s life when there are moments of stagnation. But rest assured, it’ll be a brief pause. Just remember, that you as a writer cannot use up creativity. It’s something that’s in you; the more times you use it means the more you have. A writer’s creativity well is ever flowing, so tap into it. There are no limits, no boundaries, so set your mind free.

Quiet Time

There are times when
your mind goes blank
there are no words
Have no fear,
the mind just
needs a chance
to rest and recharge
So let the process
run its course
it will be back to normal
Until then
do not worry
the mind is not empty,
it’s just quiet

When Words Don’t Come Easy

When the well runs dry
and words don’t flow freely,
take a step back…
on all your past work,
relish in the creativity
you created from nothing
and take pride
in knowing you did something
that was brought forth from
your heart,
your soul,
your inner voice
What was once there
is never gone
It just needs time to
rest and recharge
When all is said and done,
you’ll be back
to reinvent yourself
with eloquent words
that will convey your passion
to the world.

The Worst Thing About Writing


Whether it be professional, recreational or therapeutic, being a writer can be the most exhilarating craft of all.  You get to expound your thoughts, ideas, dreams or fantasy onto paper for all the world to see.  You’re essentially the master of your realm; your creativity knows no bounds.  The inner voice inside of you takes over and the words you use to display your soul shines through.  It’s the best thing ever. 

However, the one dreaded thing about writing is when you hit a dry spell.  At some point we run out of ideas or struggle to think of something to talk about.  It can be one of the most frustrating things to experience.  You’d think that as a writer, you’d have a plethora of golden nuggets to pick and choose from.  Sadly, that’s not the case.

We wrack our brains trying to come up with something fresh, something new, the next exciting thing that only you could have dreamt up.  Alas that’s not the case.  We sit and stare at a blank screen; typing a word or sentence that is soon deleted a couple of seconds later.  It either sounded too ridiculous or something that was not quite our true thoughts. 

We look high and low for new inspirations or turn to a friend or family member to be our muse.  Sometimes we hit gold and other times we crap out.  But the greatest thing about getting writer’s block is that, we as writers will continue to search for that next thing that excites us into crafting our thoughts into the words of our soul. 

Writers are an eccentric and eclectic bunch that have a “Never give up” mentality.  That’s why we continue to do what we do.  It’s a love that can never be extinguished.  So the next time you have writer’s block, just remember that there are others out there staring a blank screen just like you.  We are writers, united in thought…united in passion.


In The End, It’s All Good


I’m always in awe every time I peruse the other blog sites; their writings are eloquent, articulate, beautiful, concise, humorous, lyrical and picturesque.  Even after all these years of writing, I sometimes feel like I’m not in their league.

Because of that, I tend to have a qualm with my writing style; doubts creep in.  Am I too wordy?  Is my writing clear enough to get the message across?  Am I too boring?  Not funny enough?  What are the other readers thinking?

Every time I sit at my computer to write, I always wonder if the words that I choose truly evoke what I’m feeling deep inside.  Because of that, my writing process is hampered.  A3

Often times I get stuck trying to figure out how to convey my thoughts into words.  Do I use simple words?  Are there more elegant ones that would make it sound more thought provoking?  If I use those words will I sound too flowery?  Or will it make me sound like an idiot for not using it the correct way?  A6

The plethora of words wage war and usually the victor emerges after a few minutes.  But even then, I still question as to how I’ll form sentences with it. A2

Writing shouldn’t be this difficult right?  It should be free flowing without any debilitating thoughts.  Or at least that’s how I envision it.  Why do I always go through this?!


I do admit that I’m getting better at not having these hang-ups but the thoughts are there in my somnolent memory waiting to bust out unexpectedly.

But I’ve concluded that this is what I love to do.  So I just plow ahead, write it down and not fret!  The way I write is who I am and I should accept it.  Other writers don’t care.  We all do this because this is our passion.  We only care if we are inspired, entertained or informed about one another’s writings.


So in the end, it’s all good.


A Writing Dry Spell

Did you ever have those times when you had a dry spell with your writing?  Whether it be for your blog, script, story, essay, correspondence letter or note to a friend, your mind’s well was empty.  No topics are in play, no words come to mind, things just don’t flow freely from pen to paper so to speak.

It’s like you struggle just to get a cohesive sentence together; every brain cell is squeezed to spew out the words needed to bring forth a sentence.  AND the kicker is that it’s really not what you want to convey.  You just put something down for the sake of having something substantial to work from.dry1

All of us as writers hit this dry spell throughout our careers, it’s inevitable and just plain sucks.  During these times I just don’t feel like a writer and I truly feel as if I failed.  Don’t know why, but I just do.

 “Why does this have to happen?!”   

Our minds are capable of doing and creating so much more…so why is it that our minds fail us?  Is it just a way of our brain telling us that it’s going on a short vacation so we can’t write until it gets back?

What do we do in the meantime?  How do we continue on with our craft if our mind isn’t cooperating?  Not writing anything makes me feel empty and having to endure this drought is challenging.  Often during times like these is when I start to worry…has my mind’s well of creativity gone dry?  Will I ever come up with another idea or story ever again? dry9

So many questions with no immediate answers.  My confidence gets put through the ringer and then some.  But luckily for me, I’ve been through this rodeo and I know that I just need to ride out the storm.

My mind eventually regains its composure and my creativity resets itself.  My brain becomes cognizant of all the new ideas and stories and starts to file them in my intellectual storage file; the amount of information is so overwhelming that I’m faced with another dilemma…which story to work on first, too little time to get all this stuff out and words constantly oozing out just begging to be put on page. 

Guess that’s a better situation to be in than a writing dry spell but either way I’ll gladly endure both as long as my passion for writing remains constant.

What to blog or what not to blog…that is the question

I’m not too sure if other bloggers encounter this dilemma but I go through this week after week.  Granted some bloggers write every two weeks, once a month or every couple of months while other write on a daily basis.  For me, I try to blog about something at least once a week; guess it’s the writer in me that needs to do this on a consistent basis.  I’m sure that all of us go through this, just trying to figure out what to blog or what not to blog about.


 Some people specifically have an area of expertise or subject matter that can yield tons and tons of topics to cover, I unfortunately am not the case.  After a year of blogging, you’d think I’d have a host of things to talk about but that’s not the case. 


 I think for me the main struggle is in figuring out what to say or what not say.  A couple of instances, I got an idea and soon realized that I blogged about it in a previous post.  Other times when the well ran dry and I ended up grasping for straws on a topic; it felt like I put in half the effort on something that should’ve required 110%.  I never realized the dilemma I’m in week after week; it’s harder that working on a screenplay.

 Okay, it’s not the worst place to be in but I always like to try and blog about something that’s interesting.  I’ve perused other sites and I’ve noticed that they’ve constantly posted stuff that’s cool and mind-blowing.  How do they do that?!  Do they even have that problem of deciding what to write about?!  Now if I could only do the same, guess not all of us are gifted in that aspect.    

If I could only get into their mindset when they’re preparing to blog then maybe I could get a perspective on how I could go about doing my blog.  Life would be much simpler.  BUT, that’s not the case for me.  Nothing ever comes easy and I accept that. 

 Maybe what to blog or what not to blog is not the question I should be asking myself, instead it should be “Do I enjoy blogging?” or “Is it worth my time?”  As you can see from this post, it’s an emphatic – YES!


HELP! I have writer’s block and I can’t get up!!!

IMG_3623 (1)

Anybody and everybody who writes will all go through writer’s block; it even happens to established writers. Hell, it happens to me every time I try to write something for my blog site.  What’s the key to getting through this?!  How do I get this dreaded writing disease to go away and never come back?!  I really wish I knew…if I had a sure fire answer to this worldwide dilemma then I’d teach a class on it and become an instant millionaire.  All I know is that I would really like to get some insight as to how other writers cope with this, how do they push through and find the light at the end of the tunnel.  There are time when I sit in front of my computer for hours staring at a blank screen or typing in random no nonsense sentences that end up being deleted once I complete them.  Having writer’s block suck big time!  I can’t tell you how many times I go through this.  I can count the number of times on a single hand of when the ideas and words flowed freely onto the screen without any signs of writer’s block.  I know that as a writer I should find consolation that my fellow brethren are dealing with this issue as I speak but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  But if I want to be better at my craft and pursue it to the end of my dying days then I will persevere!  I will force myself to write random stuff until something clicks in my somnolent brain.  I will continue to write because that’s what I love.  So here’s to having more fruitless nights and heartaches and headaches that comes with writer’s block!  I gladly take you on for that rare moment of clarity when you are no longer there and I am able to put pen to paper.  Hello, my name is Mark…and I have writer’s block!