A Special Day


The day was all fraught

with stress and strife

My nerves were all bent

from the chaos of life

Thought I could handle it

but alas it was a mess

My mind stripped clean

optimism started to regress

 Getting through the day

would be most difficult to do

The wanton need for some air

near a place with a view

 So I stepped outside quickly

became akin to nature’s palette

Weight of the world lifted

introspection reset

The bright sunshine rays

the soft, silent wind

Thoughts of your warm morning embrace

stirred feelings from within

 Your unabashed, beaming smile

your gentle, loving eyes

A tingling sensation

came to my surprise

 The hours till we meet again

though they seem so far away

Thinking of you…my love

made this a special day.

The Gift of Love

I’ve yearned too hard

I’ve cried for you

You were always there

when I needed you

Now that you’re gone

My heart’s broken in two

One half is of happiness

the other – a gift from you

You taught me how to live and learn

to smile when you’re blue

You’ve given my heart that special gift of love

one that’s grand and true

The feeling of love

you had given outright

The wonders of heaven

I shared with you tonight

I’ve found my love

with you, it’s true

the gift I’ve received

the special love of two

As I stand alone and think of you

my thoughts soar high above

My heart calls out for yours…

and sings this song of love

The feeling of love

you had given outright

This feeling of heaven

I felt tonight

I had found the love

that set my heart anew

the gift that you had given me

the love that came from you.