In the darkness of the night

As a writer I often find that I’m my most productive at night.  Call me a night owl but for some strange reason that’s when I do my best thinking…my best work.  Just me and the computer…together as one.  This is how I feel:

“In the darkness of the night…

where the sounds of modern things are at ease,

where bodies are lifeless and in slumber

It is here where time momentarily stops

Problems dissipate,

feelings for loved ones are not thought of

It is here…

In the darkness of the night

where I find my peace,

the freedom to create,

a time of endless possibilities

where no on can see the true me

except for myself

Only here…

In the darkness of the night

where solitude is valued more than wealth,

the chance to stand

on one’s own two feet,

this brief precious moment

Helps to give me strength and insight

It can only be here…

In the darkness of the night.”

Things that go “bump” in the night

Well, it’s that time of the year…halloween clip art 2

Yep…Halloween.  A time where kids dress up and go “trick or treating” for candy; as for the adults, we dress up and validate it as “cosplay” and relive our childhood once again. Halloween was always something that I looked forward to as a child, but once I grew older it just didn’t appeal to me as much.  I just brushed it off as another day and knew that it would soon be Thanksgiving.  I’ve never took stock in the supernatural even though I’ve heard many “stories”, granted they were all secondhand or in most cases fifth or sixth hand.

Back in college, me and a host of my friends tried to make an attempt to see if any of what we heard was true.  But unfortunately, nothing came to pass and we just brushed it off as a whole lot of bunk.

When reality TV started up and shows featuring paranormal investigators popped on the tube, I watched with skepticism and knew it was more of an entertainment value on my end.  This went on for 10 plus years and I was beginning to grow a bit tired of the “same old” scenes.  That is until two years ago.

It was a normal night and I had gone to bed; a trip to the bathroom awoke me from my slumber.  It was about 230 in the morning and I scanned the clock on my nightstand.  I trudged out of bed and sluggishly made my way down the hall to the bathroom.  The motion sensor light, installed in our hallway so that we could make a safe passage to the bathroom in our half asleep state, triggered.  I made my way down and passed the living room.

Out of the corner of my eye this is what I had saw…Shadow figure
Seeing this stopped me in my tracks.  I immediately thought it was an intruder that had broken into my home, so I switched on the living room lights and readied myself.  Nobody.  My mind was inundated with all thoughts of what I could have possibly seen.  I didn’t want to admit that it was a “ghost” of some sort.  I went about my business and went back to bed.  The next day I had told my wife of this incident and she just chalked it to the drowsy state my mind was in.  Sounded reasonable.  And that was that.

A few weeks later, it was a normal night and my son was having a hard time sleeping.  As a doting father, I offered to lay next to him until he went to sleep.  Well, one thing led to another and I had drifted off to sleep.

Something poking the arch of my left foot awoke me; it happened several more times.  It felt as if someone’s finger was forcibly pushed into my arch over and over and over.  It was strange nonetheless and I assumed it was my little Yorkshire Terrier trying to get my attention so that I could lift him onto the bed.  To my shock, my little Yorkie was laying sound asleep in between me and my son.

A chill ran down my back, you know the kind you get when all the hairs on your body stand on its end and you get that unusual “tingle” all throughout.  I just froze and didn’t know what to do.  Thoughts of the supernatural crept into my somnolent mind; didn’t want to look towards my foot for fear of seeing that shadow apparition.  First thing that popped in my head…say a prayer.  The power of prayer should get me out of this mess.  I said every prayer that I knew from all those years of going to catholic school and church.

That calmed me for a moment but I was still a bit startled.  I checked the clock on my son’s nightstand and it read “2:30am.”  WHAT?!  Was this coincidence?  At that point I didn’t care, I summoned up what little courage I had and hopped out of bed to turn on the lights.  Nobody.  Nothing.  Safe to say, I had a hard time going back to sleep after that.

I told my wife of this but she again felt that I was just dreaming the whole thing up.  Since that time, whenever I was up alone at night and had to traverse about the house, I would flip the switch of every room if it meant getting me to my destination in the light.

Suffice to say nothing has happened since then and I’m am now back to watching those reality shows on the paranormal with greater interest knowing that something “unexplainable” happened to me.

I went from seeing ghosts like this…ghost 1

to this…Ghost 2

In a way I hope to encounter another paranormal experience but yet not.

“Monsters!!!”…Under The Bed

Quinn was always afraid to go to sleep in his room at night. He thought that the monsters under his bed would grab him once the lights were out.

When he was ready to go to sleep, Quinn would get in his bed and ask his mom or dad to turn off the lights. If he was thirsty at night or needed to go to the bathroom, he would yell for his mom or dad to turn on the lights.

One night, Quinn was tired and ready for bed.

“Mom, I’m in the bed now, can you turn off the lights” yelled Quinn.

His mom stood in the doorway and said, “Quinn, you’re old enough to turn off the lights by yourself.”

“But mom, how will I get in the bed?” asked Quinn.

“What do you mean?” asked his mom.

“If I turn off the lights by myself, the monsters under the bed will grab me before I can get in bed” said a concerned Quinn.

“Nonsense, there are no such things as monsters” said his mom, “now turn off the lights and go to sleep.” With that, his mom walked away leaving Quinn with the dilemma of turning off the light.

Quinn looked at the light switch and then looked at his bed. He searched his room for an answer to his problem…and there it was, his baseball bat.

He hopped into bed and stretched out, with the bat in hand, and used it to turn off the light. CLICK! Victory! With the lights off, Quinn could now go to sleep.

The next night when Quinn was ready for bed, he looked for his bat. It was nowhere to be found.

“Mom have you seen my baseball bat?” shouted Quinn.

His mom stood in the doorway and said, “Oh, I let your cousin Nicky borrow it, he lost his.”

“But mom, I needed the bat to turn off the lights” said Quinn.

“Don’t be silly, just turn it off with your fingers” said his mom. And with that, his mom left.

Quinn looked at his fingers and said, “Nope, I’m not gonna do it.” He looked around his room and gathered up his toys and shoes and brought it onto his bed.

He looked at the light switch and picked up a toy. With careful aim, he threw the toy hoping it would hit the light switch off. SWOOSH, it soared through the air and…WHACK! It missed.

Quinn threw another toy…WHACK! He missed again.

He threw another toy and another and another…WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! No luck. He decided to use his sneakers.

This time Quinn went toward the edge of his bed, took careful aim and…SWOOSH! The shoes soared through the air and hit the light switch off. Quinn smiled and went to bed.

Just then, the lights came back on. “Young man, what are you doing?” angrily said his mom.

“I didn’t have my bat, so I used my shoes to turn off the lights” said a proud Quinn.

“Don’t do this again. Tomorrow night you use your fingers and turn off the lights like a normal person” said his mom.

“But mom, if I do that I won’t have time to get in the bed. The monsters’ll grab me!” Quinn said.

“There are no monsters under your bed!” said his mom, “Now go to sleep and don’t let this happen again.”

CLICK! His mom turned off the lights. Quinn laid in his bed with a look of concern.

“How am I gonna turn off the lights with my hand and get into bed before the monsters grab me?” Quinn pondered. His eyes lit up and he said with a smile, “Yes, I got it!”

The next night came and Quinn was ready for bed. He got four chairs and lined them up in a row. It went from the light switch to his bed.

Quinn got up on the first chair, that was near the door, and turned off the light. CLICK! He proceeded to the second chair and the third.

Because it was dark, Quinn almost lost his balance, “Whew! That was close” said Quinn. He slowly and carefully stepped onto the fourth and final chair and then finally plopped onto his bed.

Quinn smiled with pride knowing that he found a way to turn off the lights with his hand and get on the bed out of the monsters’ reach.

The next night came and Quinn prepared for bed, he walked into his room and saw that the chairs were gone.

“Mom!” yelled Quinn.

His mom rushed into his room, “What’s wrong?”

“What happened to the chairs I had here in my room?” asked Quinn.

“Why do you need the chairs?” asked his mom.

“I use the chairs to turn off the lights with my hand” said Quinn, “and then I walk on top of it to get to my bed. The monsters can’t get me.”

“There are no such things as monsters under the bed” said his mom, “turn off the lights like a normal person and walk into your bed. Do you understand?”

Quinn lowered his head and answered, “Yes, I understand.”

And with that, his mom left.

Quinn put his hand on the light switch and stretched his body toward his bed. He stretched and stretched and stretched and stretched but no luck. So close but yet so far.

“How am I gonna get into bed?” wondered Quinn.

He thought and thought and thought and then finally he got an answer.

“I know, I’ll run and jump into bed. If I run fast enough, the monsters won’t be able to grab me.”

With his hand on the switch, Quinn got into a runner’s stance. He counted, “One…two…THREE!”

CLICK! Off went the lights.

Quinn made a dash for his bed. Just before he could jump into bed, Quinn tripped over one of his toys.

KA-THUD! Quinn falls onto the floor, a few inches from his bed.

“OH NO! THE MONSTERS ARE GOING TO GET ME!” screamed Quinn. Frightened of what’s to come, he shuts his eyes.

A couple of seconds past, and then another, and then another. Quinn slowly opens his eyes and sees the underneath of his bed. There’s nothing but empty space.

Quinn smiles and chuckles to himself.

Just then…CLICK! the lights go on. “

Quinn what’s wrong? Why did you scream?” asked his mom.

“Oh nothing. I just slipped and fell when I was getting into bed” said Quinn.

“Are you alright?” his mom asked.

“I’m fine!” exclaimed Quinn, “I just need some sleep.” “

Okay then, get into bed and I’ll turn off the lights” said his mom.

Quinn stood up, grinned and proudly said, “That’s okay mom, I can turn off the lights by myself!”

His mom asked, “Aren’t you worried about the monsters under the bed?”

CLICK! Quinn turned off the lights and got into bed and said to his mom, “There are no such things as monsters under the bed. Good night.”

Mark Kaneshige