To Live Another Day


As I sit here in front of my computer

pondering life

and all its wondrous possibilities,

I can’t help but reminisce

about precious memories

shared with



and loved ones

To have such treasured moments

is truly priceless

Knowing that a point in time

created feelings of

unbridled love,

pure joy

and non-stop laughter,

puts a smile on my face

To go through something that can’t

be recreated

is magical

But knowing that

the future presents opportunities

to experience similar feelings again

is what makes me

live for another day.

Forever With You

A twinkling in your eyes I see

in the darkness of the night,

all hurt and pain has left me now

cause I’ve finally seen the light

I don’t know how I’ve gone this far

without really knowing you,

my life has suddenly taken a turn

everything seems so new

In your eyes I see a vision,

in my heart I know it’s true

this feeling that grows from deep within

is all because of you

You’re all that I’m longing for

You’re all my dreams come true

My life would be so complete

If I could spend forever with you

It’s amazing how love really works

it’s astonishing to see,

You, out of all the strangers in the world

that was truly meant for me

Love is purely magical

in each and every way,

If my heart had a mind of its own

this is what it’ll say:

“Do you believe in magic?

I hope you really do,

cause the love that stirs from deep within

is all because of you

No part of me will let you go

You’re all my dreams come true

My life would be so complete

If I could spend forever with you”

I believe in love because

it’s special and so true,

cause it found it’s place within my heart

and I owe it all to you

I’ll always be there, by your side

You’re all my dreams come true

My love will you let me spend –

Forever With You.

The Beauty of a Rose…

“The rose is a very special

most fascinating type of flower

so perfect and so dainty

but magical with power

Its color is as warm

as the early morning light,

that brings forth beauty into this world

for those who catch its sight

To hold this special flower

means to hold it with great care,

for you’re holding beauty within your hands,

its secret all to share

The beauty of this flower

is but a reflection only of you,

for it reflects the tenderness inside

and all the goodness that you do

This flower shows your happiness

that shines forth through the day,

it brings out your true nature –

your soft and gentle way

This rose is a symbol –

of assurance, not of doubt

for the ability to love beauty

is what life is all about.”