To Live Another Day


As I sit here in front of my computer

pondering life

and all its wondrous possibilities,

I can’t help but reminisce

about precious memories

shared with



and loved ones

To have such treasured moments

is truly priceless

Knowing that a point in time

created feelings of

unbridled love,

pure joy

and non-stop laughter,

puts a smile on my face

To go through something that can’t

be recreated

is magical

But knowing that

the future presents opportunities

to experience similar feelings again

is what makes me

live for another day.

Life’s Haikus

The road may be dark

But always look for the light

Never give up


Life’s full of unknowns

You are stronger than you think

Always forge ahead


 Laughter exudes joy

Enjoy life to its fullest

Make precious moments


  Be with your loved ones

Make love spring eternal bliss

Let you heart explode


 Live with no regrets

Challenge yourself constantly

New things await you

How Do I Define Myself


How do I define myself?

It’s not through

exquisite jewelry,

expensive cars,

a spacious mansion,

a lavish lifestyle

or money

How do I define myself?

By leading a simple life of






and joy

How do I define myself?

Through years and years

of knowledge and experience,

filled with trials and tribulations,

both good and bad

shared with family,




How do I define my life?

By sharing a smile,

offering a helping hand,

lending an ear,

being with loved ones,

enjoying everything around me,

taking nothing for granted,

simply living for now.


The Love Of A Child

The love from a child

is most meaningful to see

What comes from their soul

is beautiful and carefree

Their love is unconditional

straight from the start

It’s unwavering and bountiful

warm the cockles of your heart

Their innocence, their laughter

their unabashed delight

Their huge, beaming smile

a pure treasure at first sight

The emotions you get from a child

sensations so pure and true

They wear their heart on their sleeve

on full display for you

So when a child comes to you

and gives you their all

Accept it post haste

be at that child’s beck and call



My Perfect Day


We’ve all heard the phrase “That team played a perfect game”, “He/she got a perfect score on the test”, “That was the perfect date”, “He was a perfect gentleman” or “That was a perfect day.”

That word “perfect” obviously meant flawless, without fail.  Things went so smoothly that the stars aligned and there wasn’t an ounce of disruption in your particular quest.

For some odd reason that word came to my mind this past week and I tried to fathom what I did in my life that was so “perfect.”

Yes, I’ve had a perfect score on an exam before so that was easy to relate to but as for the rest, I had a hard time trying to comprehend what that really meant.  I figured I’d sleep on it and try to tackle that the next day.

The next day arrived; there were no plans or errands to do so it was pretty much a chill day.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…I sluggishly turned off the blaring alarm clock and rubbed my tired eyes awake.  I looked to my left and saw my wife, Iris, of 20 years still asleep; she was always a deep sleeper.

I gazed at her for a moment and a flood of memories washed over me.  It was like a video album showcasing all of the good and  bad times; I smirked at how we ended up together and miraculously endured all of this.

Just then, our 3 year old dog “Chibi” started to lick my face as if to say “Good Morning, time for my morning walk now” or it just could have meant “Are you awake now?  Good, let’s go play!”  Chibi then turned her attention to my wife and did what the alarm clock could not do.

We got out of bed and did our normal routine.  Soon after my son, Conor, woke up somberly said good morning and immediately turned on the TV as he plopped on the couch.  Soon after my daughter, Chloe, awoke and joined Conor on the couch.

They weren’t their boisterous selves, more like morning zombies adjusting to the daylight and getting their bones, muscles and joints acclimated to the new day.

As the day wore on, our house started to liven up to its usual self.  There would be times where I saw Chloe and Conor laughing about something, joking with Iris or playing with Chibi.

Throughout the day, we all would be interacting with each other in some fashion.  As the day turned to night, we continued doing our little things to keep us occupied, all the while still connecting with one another.

The day came to an end and we all prepped for the next day of work and school.  As we said our goodnights, I laid there in the dark and mulled over what took place throughout the day.

It was just a simple ordinary day of really doing nothing and just relaxing with the family.  We laughed, joked and did inconsequential things but enjoyed every minute of it unbeknownst to us all.

I replayed the entire day in my mind’s eye and took stock of how beautiful that was. My sense of appreciation was immeasurable.  Nothing went wrong, there were no major disruptions…I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  It was simply “perfect”; it was “My perfect day.”



‘Tis The Season…

With the holiday season fast approaching, I can’t help but get into the festive spirit.  Decorations at the office and at home were put up last week and adorned with the normal Christmas ornaments along with a few high tech modern ones. 

 Feeling upbeat and good-natured towards one another is at an all-time high; smiles are more frequently seen as well as laughter aplenty. Christmas music just fuels our inner core and harkens a time of simplicity and past innocence; when we believed that there truly was a Santa Claus.give10

Our somnolent consciousness reawakens and we’re transferred back to that very day when we were kids; eagerly counting down the days to when we can open all those presents under the Christmas tree.

 I look forward to this time of the year, guess mainly it’s because of the positive energy that’s flowing about.  Granted the stress of crowded malls, buying gifts, balancing our pocketbooks, finding parking and planning parties pop up but the vibe is just undeniable.  We subconsciously strive to be nicer toward others and compassionate toward those that are less fortunate.  It’s the season of “giving” after all.

I guess the whole point that I’m trying to get at is that there’s innate goodness in most of us; although we struggle with putting forth our best face throughout the year, this is the one time where it’s reassuring to know that we have the capability to be virtuous.   

The world is in a pressing state right now, so we need to more vigilant in spreading this positive energy. Not just for the holiday season, not just for a day, not just for a week but for as long as we can. 

So go forth and pay it forward; do everything with good intentions.  Spread your smile, give a hug, lend an ear, hold the door open for someone, any little thing helps.  Being charitable is a reward unto itself and the sense of self-satisfaction that comes from it is priceless.

Remember all the times when our family, friends, colleagues, strangers did something good for us –  that feeling we got from that unselfish act…we need to reciprocate that back to the world.