Eyes Wide Open

When something life changing happens in our lives, we no longer see the world as it once was.  We tend to take things a little slower, take deeper breaths, smile more and soak in all the mundane and ordinary stuff that we normally overlooked in our hectic lives. 

 Why does it have to take something so drastic for us to stop and truly appreciate all that we have in life?  We get so caught up in paying our bills, material things that we don’t really need and disregarding the time that could be spent with friends and loved ones.

 Our society has us so desensitized as to what we really should be paying attention to.  That’s just wrong.  Granted there are a lot of terrible things happening in the world today but that shouldn’t stop us from really taking stock in what’s most important in our lives. 

 A good laugh, reminiscing on all the great times we’ve experienced, watching your kids growing up, hugging and kissing your spouse, spending quality time with your parent, give thanks for our parents for raising us, cuddling your pet, getting soaking wet in the rain…just the simple things.

We all need to get out of daily routine once in a while and truly enjoy what we have around us.  If we could just do that every so often, our lives will have much more meaning…much more value. 

 Please don’t let a tragedy occur in order for us to really see all the great things in front of us that we ignored.  Enjoy life because it really is too short.  Do what makes you laugh, smile, sing or dance.  Thank God for the life you’ve had and for what you’ve got.  Help those around you in need of assistance.  Create a bucket list and starting living before life has passed you by. 

 Love Hard, Laugh Hard and Live Hard!  Live for yourself, live for your loved ones…live without fear and unabashed enthusiasm!


My Wedding Vow…

My life had no meaning

it was desolate and blue,

darkness consumed me

until I met you.

The times spent with you

gave me a feeling so great –

it felt like paradise

had just opened its gate.

Your warmth and your kindness

that you eagerly gave,

my belief in your love –

my life you have saved.

Your faith in me was strong

through the good and the bad,

you gave of your love

made me appreciate what I had.

Your lovely voice,

your warm tender smile

the presence of your beauty

makes love all the worth while.

This feeling for you

is so hard to convey,

to pick one true meaning

would be unjustly to say.

My spirit soars

when your presence is near,

“YOU”…the love of my life

gives me reason to cheer.

To have you as a partner in life

is a great honor for me,

and eternity in heaven

is what our lives will always be.