A Tribute to Harold

Although my friend has long passed, for some reason I was thinking about him today and wished that my children could’ve met him.  I wrote a poem about him that best describes what he meant to me.

We were young and so new

when we started work at the store,

learning the business fast

was really a chore

We were clumsy, awkward,

and a little bit naive,

but you put your faith in us

and made us believe

In time we grew smart

with each passing day,

you lent us your wisdom

through the stories you say

In you we saw a role model

with all the qualities of the heart,

you were generous, kind, humorous, helpful

to all of us from the start

Though you left us way too early

your traits in us were sown

Let one message come to mind

and let it be known

We wish you the best in Heaven

in whatever you do,

We give you our love

and will surely miss you

So here is our gift,

so special, so true,

It symbolizes our love

to a friend we found in you.

All That You Are

Are you the answer to my question?

Could it be you my love?

It makes me crazy wondering

if it’s you that’s my true love?

You give so much of yourself

to remind me that love is near

To search the feeling within my heart

will make it crystal clear

You’re the person, my answer,

my one and only love

You’re a gift sent special to me

straight from heaven above

To find an answer to true love

I needn’t go to far

For your heart reflects true love within and…

All that you are

Your sweet, caring smile

your warm and honest face

the caress of your loving hands

your soft and gentle embrace

You opened up my eyes

and turned my life around

You made me see true beauty,

showed me new joys abound

All because of you-

my dreams are close at hand,

my life is much more clearer,

my love is oh so grand

The warmth and kindness that you gave,

the strength you instilled in me,

your heart and soul is with me now-

with you I’ll always be

I’ve never known anyone

who could do these things to me,

You’ve shown me what love’s all about

you’ve taught the blind to see

The reflection in your eyes show me

that together, our love will go far,

for love reflects true beauty and…

All that you are

You’re a gift that’s truly priceless,

an angel from above

a heart filled with true beauty,

with an endless supply of love

All that you are,

all because of you,

my love has found a special place

my dearest, I love you.

Finding Love


When I sit home all alone at night

and dream of what might be,

of finding that special someone to love

someone who’ll care for me

I look into the eyes of strangers that I meet

hoping to find my true love,

but what I really long to see

is an angel sent from heaven above

To find an angel here on earth

is a most difficult task to do,

but if the heart is pure as gold

a path’ll be shown straight and true

To follow this path is long and hard

more often vague than clear,

but if a feeling grows within one’s self

it proves that love is near

When one encounters this special feeling

they never take it at a glance,

for love is a difficult game to succeed at

it’s often left up to chance.

The Gift of Love

I’ve yearned too hard

I’ve cried for you

You were always there

when I needed you

Now that you’re gone

My heart’s broken in two

One half is of happiness

the other – a gift from you

You taught me how to live and learn

to smile when you’re blue

You’ve given my heart that special gift of love

one that’s grand and true

The feeling of love

you had given outright

The wonders of heaven

I shared with you tonight

I’ve found my love

with you, it’s true

the gift I’ve received

the special love of two

As I stand alone and think of you

my thoughts soar high above

My heart calls out for yours…

and sings this song of love

The feeling of love

you had given outright

This feeling of heaven

I felt tonight

I had found the love

that set my heart anew

the gift that you had given me

the love that came from you.

My Wedding Vow…

My life had no meaning

it was desolate and blue,

darkness consumed me

until I met you.

The times spent with you

gave me a feeling so great –

it felt like paradise

had just opened its gate.

Your warmth and your kindness

that you eagerly gave,

my belief in your love –

my life you have saved.

Your faith in me was strong

through the good and the bad,

you gave of your love

made me appreciate what I had.

Your lovely voice,

your warm tender smile

the presence of your beauty

makes love all the worth while.

This feeling for you

is so hard to convey,

to pick one true meaning

would be unjustly to say.

My spirit soars

when your presence is near,

“YOU”…the love of my life

gives me reason to cheer.

To have you as a partner in life

is a great honor for me,

and eternity in heaven

is what our lives will always be.