Fade Out…

That’s the two words most screenwriters love to see and say out loud. Why you may ask? Basically it means that all your hard work toiling in front of the computer and pounding away on that keyboard has finally come to an end. The story that had been pining away inside of you finally came out…every character, every dialogue, every scene, every nuance that was worked out in your mind’s eye is now all within your computer.

You lean back in your chair, prop your feet on the desk, stretch your arms and take pride in your creation. Your “baby” has finally come to life. You think it’s a work of art, a complete perfection, the “best damn story” that was written in all of history.

Your mind drifts off to what might be as a result of completing this “amazing script.” Delusions of grandeur pop into your head, and rightfully so. It’s good to think that. It gives us a sense of self-confidence…realists see this as false hope. But who cares! You created something from nothing and that’s no easy task.

Once everything settles, reality sets in and you soon realize that this is just the beginning. The real work comes into play. You’re going to have to do a ton of rewrites…WHAT?! But you thought it was perfect, how can you improve on a masterpiece?! This is your “baby” we’re talking about.


Sad to say what you thought was impeccable, now has a bunch of flaws. Parts of the story doesn’t flow well, terrible dialogue, nondescript scenes and useless characters are the defects that stings the very fiber of your core. What you once thought was great, has now been reduced to ashes; remnants a novice’s attempt lay at your feet.

You start to question your credentials as a writer and think how can this possibly be fixed. Doubt creeps in; stress and anxiety soon take over and all your creative juices are all out of whack. You’ve just made the possible something completely insurmountable.

Don’t really know if other writers go through this, but I’ve experienced this numerous times. At the moment I’m about to throw in the towel, an epiphany of why I write hits me like a lightning bolt. I take a deep breath (actually several), grit my teeth and press on.

My love of writing will outweigh any type of insecurities that I have. I look at it as if I’m polishing a diamond in the rough; my story has the potential, I just need to add a few key elements to bring out and display that passion that I had while writing it.

After completing my first rewrite, I’ll take a break and then come back to it to do a second and a third rewrite. For me, anything after three is overkill. Once my script’s done, I lean back in my chair, prop my feet on the desk, let loose a gratifying smile and bask in the satisfaction that I was able to endure the true writer’s journey…FADE OUT.

So many stories, so little time to write.

As a writer, the one key dilemma that I often encounter is having too many stories in my head and too little time to get them all out onto my computer.  Granted not all of them are good but nonetheless it’s a story.  Sometimes when I’m finished writing one story and about to start the next intended one, a new idea pops into my head and I have the urge to work on that on.  It’s times like these that I wish I was the mutant Jamie Madrox aka “Multple Man” from the X-Men comics or better yet Uzumaki Naruto and then I could perform Kage bunshin no jutsu. I could produce thousands of clones of myself and work on them till it’s finished…no wait maybe not thousands cause otherwise I’d run out of stories.  Anyhow the key problem is just having too many ideas in my head and not enough time to write it out and give it the proper care it needs to become a good story. There are times that I end up putting ideas on the back burner to work on the ones that I truly feel passionate about.  It’s so hard to do because each idea or story is precious to me and I feel that sometimes if I abandon it, I may never get another chance at coming up with a new one.  Guess that’s the fear that all writers have…not being able to come up with something new.  That’s the price we all pay and that’s why I guess my dilemma will never be resolved…sigh.  Just have to live with the fact that I have a ton of stories in my head and so little time to write them all down.

Keeping the creative juices flowing.

Coming up with fresh and original ideas is probably one of the toughest aspect to being a writer.  Just when you think you got something unique, you find out that someone else wrote about a story that is similar in tone to what you created.  It can be frustrating to say the least.  Hollywood wants writers to have something completely original but yet they are doing “reboots” like there’s no tomorrow. Coming up with an idea that no one has ever thought of is a feat in itself.  I don’t know how other writers deal with this.  It’s hard to keep one’s creative juices flowing knowing that your idea probably was already written four or five times prior.  Needless to say, we trudge through and put pen to paper and write.  We become the eternal optimist and have faith that the story we created is both fresh and new.  It’s the only way we can keep our juices flowing.  We just have to put on our blinders and write as if we’re the only writer left on this planet Earth.  I don’t know how my other colleagues handle this, but this is how I keep my creative juices flowing.  My voice is unique and that is fine by me.

HELP! I have writer’s block and I can’t get up!!!

IMG_3623 (1)

Anybody and everybody who writes will all go through writer’s block; it even happens to established writers. Hell, it happens to me every time I try to write something for my blog site.  What’s the key to getting through this?!  How do I get this dreaded writing disease to go away and never come back?!  I really wish I knew…if I had a sure fire answer to this worldwide dilemma then I’d teach a class on it and become an instant millionaire.  All I know is that I would really like to get some insight as to how other writers cope with this, how do they push through and find the light at the end of the tunnel.  There are time when I sit in front of my computer for hours staring at a blank screen or typing in random no nonsense sentences that end up being deleted once I complete them.  Having writer’s block suck big time!  I can’t tell you how many times I go through this.  I can count the number of times on a single hand of when the ideas and words flowed freely onto the screen without any signs of writer’s block.  I know that as a writer I should find consolation that my fellow brethren are dealing with this issue as I speak but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  But if I want to be better at my craft and pursue it to the end of my dying days then I will persevere!  I will force myself to write random stuff until something clicks in my somnolent brain.  I will continue to write because that’s what I love.  So here’s to having more fruitless nights and heartaches and headaches that comes with writer’s block!  I gladly take you on for that rare moment of clarity when you are no longer there and I am able to put pen to paper.  Hello, my name is Mark…and I have writer’s block!